Graduate student positions

Prospective PhD students should apply for PhD graduate admission to the Materials Science and Engineering program at ASU before contacting us. Please see instructions here. Applications are evaluated by the graduate admissions committee, and unfortunately we are unable to comment on your CV or assist in your application.

Once PhD students are admitted to the program, they will be matched with advisors in the spring for starting research in the fall semester. PhD candidates should be hard working, motivated, and enthusiastic with backgrounds in materials science and engineering, chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, or electrical engineering, and should have an interest in advanced engineering of nanomaterials.

We do not have positions for MS students at this time.

Undergraduate student positions

Current undergraduates at ASU who are interested in working on a research project for at least two semesters should contact Prof. Wang by email. We are interested in enthusiastic, hard working students in any science or engineering major. You are also encouraged to apply for a FURI project.

Postdoctoral positions

We do not have any openings currently for a postdoctoral position. However, if you hold a postdoctoral fellowship or have other funding please contact Prof. Wang by email. We are especially interested in postdoc candidates with experience in ultrahigh vacuum, scanning probe microscopy, optical spectroscopy, materials growth, materials characterization, surface science, and device nanofabrication.